What will it cost to use an Architect?

There is no standard fee scale for using an Architect. The fees that you pay will depend on the scope of the service you want.

For most types of project, we offer a fixed fee so that you know what you can expect to pay right from the start. Fees can be negotiated, according to the amount of work involved, and are normally charged on the following basis:

  1. For an initial design meeting to discuss the project that you want to undertake, we offer an hour’s free valuable consultation. We do ask that you make a minimum donation of £30 to Durham Action on Single Housing, a local homelessness charity that we support, in return for the free advice.  Please ask for payment details.
  2. If you want plans drawn up to obtain planning and Building Regulations approvals, but you intend to organise your own builder and project manage the scheme yourselves, then we will quote you a fixed lump sum fee related to the complexity of your project.
  3. If you would like a full architectural service, from outline proposals through to detailed design, inviting tenders, appointing a builder, cost control and overseeing the job on site, we will quote you a fixed fee based on a percentage of the building works’ cost excluding VAT. The percentage cost is usually around 3-6% for newbuild, and around 8-12% for works to existing buildings. The higher the contract value, the lower the percentage.
  4. If the scope of the project changes significantly during the design process, we will negotiate an amended fee with you for variations to the work.
  5. Fees will normally become payable at agreed stages throughout the project. We will provide you with a written quotation and fee proposal at the outset, letting you know what the fees are and when they will be due.

NOTE:  Please remember that our fees do not include other charges, including planning and Building Regulations fees, or other consultants’ fees should they be required, and VAT. For further guidance, you may find the following links useful.